Buying Tips

Buying Tips

Once you have found the perfect property, we can help you through every stage of the purchase process for a smooth and pleasant transaction.

Buying a property with LJ Hooker

Your LJ Hooker Cessnock agent can help you arrange the inspections and pre-purchase reports you require, most of which can be completed within 24 to 48 hours. We can also put you in touch with finance brokers at LJ Hooker Home Loans and tax depreciation specialists - particularly useful if you are purchasing an investment property.

At LJ Hooker, we can assist you with the moving process too - whether you need help relocating or setting up your utility accounts with LJ Hooker Assist, your agent can offer valuable support.

Guide to Buying Real Estate

You may think that buying a property is the same right across Australia - but there are steps and processes that are specific to each state that you should be aware of.

We have created a series of guides for buying property in each state including the different ways to buy, how to research our local market, the costs involved when buying a home, how to find a property, what to look for at inspections, understanding contracts, the settlement process and more.

Click here for the NSW Real Estate Buyers Guide


First Home Buyers Guide

Buying a first home is a nerve wracking experience and what you need to know differs in each state and territory. Here is a complete first home owners guide for NSW to help you navigate through the buying process and get you onto the property ladder faster.

From understanding the first home owners grant, working out how much you can afford, the different ways to buy a property, where to research the local property market, tips on finding the right home, what goes into a contract of sale, how the settlement process works and more.

Click here for the First Home buyers guide in NSW

Buying property within mine subsidence districts

If you are thinking about buying a house or structure in a mine subsidence district (district), it’s important to check whether it is eligible for compensation and if claims for subsidence damage are pending or have been paid in the past. These enquiries are generally made in the normal course of conveyancing.

If a property is within a district, this is shown on a Section 149 Certificate, which must be attached to a Contract of Sale when a property is put on the market.
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View Properties For Sale

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Buying with LJ Hooker

Buying with LJ Hooker

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